Rent v purchase


30 years ago we were approaching a property boom (anyone remember double MIRAS relief?) and one of the suggestions to deal with the housing crisis was..... wait for it .......... renting!

The question was why the UK was so fixated on home ownership and so less accepting of the continental approach where so many more people rented.

Now that we have a more continental model (some details of security of tenure aside) we all seem fixated with the opposite problem - generation rent. Our kids can no longer afford to buy without the help of the bank of mum and dad.

Renting will always play an important role in the provision of adequate housing stock and it is at least honest of the government to look at all types of tenure in seeking to provide solutions.

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New housing minister Gavin Barwell has signalled a change in focus regarding housing, saying that while the government still had a role to play in helping those looking to buy a home, rented housing is so important. More homes of every type are needed, he said. There should not be a focus on a single tenure. The government is looking at including other types of tenure in its 200,000 new-homes target for 2020|EGIx|EGDAM-2016|glob&sfid=701w0000000wsbx