Packing it in? Making space for package deliveries at residential developments


An article in the New York Times on 7 November 2019 reports on increasing innovation in providing systems at residential buildings in New York for package deliveries.  Typically, packages might keep a building porter busy or clutter a hallway but the article describes the provision of lockers as a secure solution with every transaction photo-recorded for the additional assurance of residents.  Another building has a screen in the building lobby that shows the residents who have deliveries or dry-cleaning waiting for them.

Parcel lockers in the UK tend to be at shopping centres, petrol stations and convenience stores.  A report by McKinsey in September 2016 established that most customers prefer package delivery direct to their home rather than to unattended parcel lockers.  So perhaps the incorporation of parcel lockers into residential developments as at the New York apartment buildings might be adopted by developers and landlords in the UK.

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Instead, locker systems with real-time notifications, lobby screens showing “package” emojis for each apartment and front door systems that allow residents to let delivery people into their homes remotely are helping New Yorkers take back their hallways — and get their stuff on time.
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