Where do I live?


While property sizes may be getting smaller (although perhaps not quite as small as our Parisian counterparts  - 7.5 square metres anyone?) the whole concept of what constitutes "home" is changing.

We have clients providing such a range of additional facilities in their developments that it blurs the edge of where we actually "live".  

No space for a 60 inch TV? Use the TV lounge and the Bluetooth headphones to watch one of a dozen screens on the walls. Or for the full experience book the cinema room.

Don't have space for a large dinner party?  Reserve the fine dining room, get the food from a catering company and seat 16 friends around the table.

I even saw someone on Click on the BBC news this weekend seriously proposing that with the advent of augmented reality all we will really need is one comfy chair and a headset.

Or perhaps he was talking about the Matrix...?

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Sales of narrower beds and sofas are on the rise, reflecting the growing number of people in Britain squeezing into smaller living spaces, according to new figures.
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