It is fair to say that students have not had the easiest time over the past decade; what with increasing fees, tougher entry criteria and exams, and poor (yet exorbitantly expensive) living conditions, but news from the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government yesterday is due to change that (well, at least the living conditions part!).

Yesterday the government announced that students returning to university this autumn and renting a home for the first time have greater powers and rights against rogue landlords, as of new laws coming into force on 1 October 2018. 

In particular, the new legislation will require that landlords must provide adequate size bedrooms of not less than 6.51 square metres for one adult; although local authorities have the power to give landlords up to 18 months to get bedroom sizes right. Landlords must also provide sufficient rubbish bins. 

Landlords or agents will also have to deal with any problems with the water, electricity and gas supplies, and maintain appliances and furniture they have supplied. The local authority can step in when landlords are not doing their job.

Hopefully these changes will go some way to improving the lives of students and helping them to enjoy university life.