The sky's the permitted development limit


As a firm we have been working on an increasing number of rooftop developments and while planning permission is only one of the issues that these schemes face the idea of extending permitted development rights is a positive move for those looking for innovative ways to add to the housing stock.

The downside is for residents who wish to object to such development - perhaps we should call them NOMES - Not Over My Existing Structure (© P Birkett 2018).  The planning procedure allows for involvement in the decision making process but if that is denied there are other rights that tenants may have if a landlord starts putting up cranes and scaffolding.

As mentioned in the article there is a huge untapped potential and with pressure constantly increasing on the supply of housing this could be a significant addition to the means by which we can build the homes we need even if it is not universally applauded.

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Developers could be permitted to build out the airspace above buildings without the need to apply for planning permission, if proposed new permitted development rights are adopted. The proposals were one of the lesser-known measures announced as part of Chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget on October 29.
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