Wiredscore certification for residential buildings


The digital building certification company, Wiredscore, is extending its certification into residential buildings.

Its new certification model, WiredScore Home, is intended to allow landlords of residential blocks and serviced apartments to market and benefit from an independent verification of the quality of the connnectivity infrastructure.

Getting an certification of connectivity infrastructure may be a worthwhile investment. In respect of commercial buildings, Wirescore claim that those that are "Wired Certified" command 4.7% more in rent than similar buildings that do not have the connectivity accreditation.  Our next-door neighbour, the Shard, has the highest level of certification, Platinum.

Trivia: one of the Wiredscore directors is Tom Redmayne, Eddie's brother.

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some 42% of residential landlords are now being asked about the digital connectivity of a property by prospective purchasers and renters. And with 85% of British homeowners and renters facing WiFi connectivity issues and failing services last year, the need to address the issue is clear
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