Housing crisis - it really isn't the developers.


I have posted before that the criticism of the private sector for the shortage of new homes is misplaced.  Reports such as that by Baroness Ford ( showed the problems of relying on the private sector to fill a gap previously addressed by the public sector.

Now we have another report setting out structural reasons for delays in the process of getting houses from plan to occupation and as with many of the criticisms the finger of guilt is pointing at the planning process (again).

There are no doubt many contributing factors which have led us to current situation where only those who already own their own homes can provide the start up capital to get their children onto the housing ladder but an over enthusiasm for blaming the private sector will not help pin down a solution.  We need to recognise and address inherent problems in the entire process from concept to delivery before we will find a means of delivering the housing we need.

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The planning system is failing to meet the country’s housing demand, according to a new report from the National Audit Office.|EGIx|EGDPM-2019|glob&sfid=701w0000000wsc7
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