Yesterday, the Government launched a consultation seeking views on their proposal to introduce a “capped landlord financial contribution element”  to the cost of updating properties in accordance with the Minimum Level of Energy Efficiency Regulations ("MEES") .

The Government say their aim is to future-proof the regulations and make them as effective as possible, while protecting landlords against excessive cost burdens. 

This would mean that domestic landlords would only need to see investment in improvements to an EPC F or G rated property up to the value of that cap. The government’s preferred cap level is £2,500 per property although they set out a range of alternative, cap options in the consultation and the associated consultation impact assessment.

The impact on landlords will be that even they are unable to obtain funds from the Green Deal (as will almost certainly be the case), the landlord will have to put in up to £2,500 of its own money in an attempt to get the property to an E rating. If £2,500 isn’t enough to get to E, it has to do what it can with that money.

The consultation document is here

The last date for responses is 13 March 2018. The proposal is that the new arrangements will apply from 1 April 2019."