New Government 'How to Rent' Guide


Residential landlords and agents in England need to be aware that a new version of the Government 'How to Rent' Guide was published on 24 March 2023. It can be found on this Government webpage

The 'How to Rent' Guide is a checklist for renting in England aimed at tenants. It forms part of the prescribed information that must be served upon an AST tenant. Importantly, a section 21 notice cannot be served unless the prescribed information has first been provided. Serving an old version of the guide on a new AST tenant will not suffice – it needs to be the version in effect at the time. Buyers of residential property will need to take this change into account when checking replies to pre-contract enquiries. Landlords and agents should ensure that they are using the new version.

(Updated following publication of the new guide on 24 March 2023.) 

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